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Can you name the facts and trivia about the film A Christmas Story?

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What does Ralphie want for Christmas?
What can't Randy put down while in his snow outfit?
The music from what children's story plays when we meet Scut Farkus?
What does Flick get stuck on the pole?
What level of dare did Schwartz pull in order for him to do that?
What animal does the mom convince Randy to impersonate in order to get him to eat?
What does the Old Man constantly battle with?
What kind of lamp does the Old Man win?
The kid in front of Ralphie in line, likes which Wizard of Oz character?
After meeting Santa, what is he put/pushed onto?
What was Ralphie helping his dad with when he dropped the 'Queen Mother of Dirty Words'?
What does his mother use to punish him for swearing?
Who does Ralphie blame for his knowledge of the word?
What was the 'secret message' advertising?
What grade does Ralphie get on his theme?
In his daydream after the F-bomb incident, Ralphie has what physical issue?
In his daydream about the BB gun, what is his dreaded weapon named?
On Christmas morning, what color outfit does Ralphie get from his aunt?
What animal does it represent?
What does Ralphie step on in the backyard?
What item does he lie and say hit his face?
Who eats the turkey?
What kind of restaurant does the family go to?
What song are they entertained with by the workers?
Where did the family live/movie take place?
What football team did the Old Man hate?
Santa, Mrs. Parker and Miss Shields all tell Ralphie this famous quote (5 words!):

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