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309, Bodybag, Until we Get Caught
Punk Rock Song, Generator, American Jesus
Not the Same, Hazy Shade of Winter, You Say
Bitches, Stupid MF, Straight to Video
Artist in the Ambulance, Deadbolt, Image of the Invisible
Streetcar, Red is the New Black, All The Rage
Downfall of us All, Mr Highways Thinking about the End, I'm Made of Wax Larry What are you Made of
Self Esteem, Come Out and Play, All I Want
Signals over the Air, Understanding in a Car Crash, Jet Black New Year
Bro Hymn, Alien, Society
Dismantle Repair, A Day Late, Feel Good Drag
Lipstick, Teri Yakimoto, Shes Got the Look
The Brews, Leave it Alone, Moron Brothers
Heading for the Sun, Born & Raised, No Transitory
Broadcasting, Hailing On Me, Partners in Crime
Ash Return, Fear Is Our Tradition, Know Your History
Take me Away, Kool, Sucker
Anarchy Burger, I Have a Date, Its a Fact
All The Small Things, Dammit, Feeling This
Fat Lip, Underclass Hero, In Too Deep
History of a Boring Town, Plastic Cup Politics, All My Best Friends are Metalheads
Soulmate, Coming Too Close, Justified Black Eye
crushcrushcrush, Misery Business, Conspiracy
Come with Me, Time is the Distance, One in Ten
Turncoat, This is the End, Die for your Government
On Again Off Again, Rattle Me Bones, Cut Cut Cut
Ocean Avenue, Fighting, Way Away
The Backwards Pumpkin Song, Im down with Brown Town, Rock Solid
Bob & Bonnie, Sunrise Goodbyes, Bottle of Red Bottle of Spite
Becoming the Bull, Ex's and Oh's, Slowburn
Faces, My Darkest Hour, Snake Devil
Mr Coffee, May 13th, Sleep
Board Game, Sattelite, Is this the Part
Open your Eyes, 99 Red Balloons, Here in Your Bedroom
Miss Murder, Days of the Phoenix, Girls Not Grey
Working Class ****, Runaway, Sick
State of Massachusetts, Spicy McHaggis Jig, Bar Room Hero
Sell Out, Take On Me, Beer
Salvation, Time Bomb, Blood Clot
Lonesome, Cailin, Teenage Suicide
In Fates Hands, Face Down, Your Guardian Angel
Give it All, Paper Wings, Black Masks & Gasoline
Mercy Me, Help Me, Private Eye
The Taste of Ink, The Ripper, I Caught Fire
Pizza Day, Pool Party, Super Rad
Cute without the E, Spin, A Decade Under the Influence
Disconnected, I wont Lie Down, Don't Turn Away
Santeria, Date Rape, What I Got
Ink, Letters to you, What is it to Burn
Salty Eyes, Chain Me Free, Yankee In a Chip Shop
Give It Up, Empty like the Ocean, Like a Movie
Punk Rock Show, Chick Magnet, Responsibility
Blaze, Infrared, Instinct
The Getaway, A.D.D, Armchair Quarterback
Coffee Shop Soundtrack, Dear Maria, Break Out Break Out
Panic Attack, Still Believe, Walk Together Rock Together
Runaway, I hate People, Snowman
Never had so much Fun, You Cant Move into my house, Russell Crowes Band
TV Party, Nervous Breakdown, Rise Above
Lies That Lie, Outside Looking In, Pick Your Poison
Master Celebrator, In a Rhyme, Beachparty
Head for the Hills, At Your Funeral, Shoulder to the Wheel
Forget yourself, Caught In Between, Sweating Blood
Looking For a Kiss, Personality Crisis, Trash
London Calling, Rock the Casbah, Should I Stay or Should I Go
Fox, Penguins & Polarbears, Lozin Must
True Believers, Say Anything, Hopeless Romantic
Aside, Tournament of Hearts, Our Retired Explorer
Waiting Room, Repeater, Song #1
Echoes, To Be Continued, Mutiny
Runnin Riot, Secret Army, Where are they Now
Straight Edge, In My Eyes, Guilty of Being White
City Baby Attacked by Rats, Sick Boy, No Survivors
Los Angeles, We're Desperate, Johnny Hit & Run Paulene
For My Family, Gotta Go, Riot Riot Upstart
Die Die My Darling, Last Caress, American Psycho
Kiss me Deadly, Dancing with Myself, King Rocker
Anarchy In the UK, Pretty Vacant, God Save The Queen
No Heroes, Concubine, Eagles Become Vultures
Happy House, Arabian Nights, Passanger
Lexicon Devil, Manimal, Circle One
My Friends over you, Hit or Miss, All Downhill from here
1985, Almost, Emily
Misanthropy Pure, My Heart Bleeds the Darkest Blood, Set Your Body Ablaze
Action & Action, Close to Me, Mass Pike
Dark Ages, Give me the Push, Rags & Bones
Punk Is Dead, Banned From the Roxy, Do They Owe us a Living
Town Called Malice, In the City, Going Underground
Fertile Fields, Mother Superior, Yesterdays Headlines
Sound System, Unity, Knowledge
If the Kids are united, Borstal Breakout, Hersham Boys
One armed Scissor, Non Zero Possibility, Lopsided
No Equalizer, Question Marks & Periods, Gruesome Gary
Nerdy, Slice Paper Wrists, Crystal Lake
Fan Club, I Fall, New Rose
The Middle, Sweetness, Bleed American
Start Today, New Direction, Distance
Speakers Push the Air, This is Our Emergency, All Medicated Geniuses
Misery Index, Requiem, Walk Astray
When I Come Around, American Idiot, Longview
Purina Hall of Fame, Dear Coachs Corner, Anti-Manifesto
California Uber Alles, Too Drunk to F***, Nazi Punks F*** Off
Scratch the Surface, Step Down, Take the Night Off
All Set to Go, Girl in the Sweater, Where did she come from
Worlds on Heroin, Million Bucks, Bikeage
Blitzkrieg Bop, Rock N Roll High School, Beat on the Brat
Leavin, Road Rash, State of Mind
The Secret of Life, Peter Bazooka, Methodist Coloring Book
My Heroine, Smashed into Pieces, Smile in your Sleep
The Evidence, Planning a Prison Break, Smoky Mirrors
Heart Attack American, Around the Horn, White Guilt
Oh Bondage Up Yours, Identity, The Day the World turned Day-Glo
Fate, Black Cloud, Reality is a ride on the bus
Agoraphobia, Cryptograms, Hazel St.
New Noise, Rather be Dead, Shape of Punk to come
Viva La Revolution, Joker In the Pack, Chinese Takeaway
Ohio is for Lovers, Silver Bullet, We are so Last Year
Travel by Telephone, High Acetate, Used for Glue
Teenage Riot, San Dimas HS Football Rules, The Radio Still Sucks
Lunch for the Sky, May I Burn a Smoke, I am the Doctor
Hate to say I told you so, Die All Right, Walk Idiot Walk
Radio Schizo, Cosmetic Plague, Teenage Time Killer
Stay Gold, Wait for the Sun, Teenagers are all a**holes
Im the One, 'merican, Mass Nerder
Down this Road, Two Ton Hammer, The Way it Is
White Lights, Above Me, Dont Hate Me
No Division, Its Hard to Know, Remedy
Prison Bound, Reach for the Sky, Ball and Chain
Rise, God of Love, Give thanks and Praise/Jah Love
Capsized, She Found You, Stepson
Ape Dos Mil, John F***ing Lennon, Tip Your Bartender
Vindicated, Hands Down, Don't Wait
Mickey Mouse is Dead, Religious Wars, Apathy
LA Girl, Sing Sing Death House, City of Angels
Calling, Cemetery, Matchbook
Bury Your Head, Voices, Seven Years
My Heart is a Soldier, This is a love song for the Loveless, If This was Killing would you stop
Air, Untreatable Disease, Taking Back Control
Blue Ridge, Pink Houses, Fifth Wheel
Try, Predictable, Close Minded
Pacifier, SOS, Bookworm
Apology, The Last Three Letters, Congratulations I hate you
Suspect Device, Gotta Getaway, Johnny Was
I sing for you, Desperation Train, Wasted Words
Violence, Fight To Unite, Did you Wanna Die
Rose of the Devils Garden, In the Orchard, Nocturnal
Prisoner of Society, Second Solution, Roll On
Search & Destroy, I Wanna Be Your Dog, 1969
I Wipe my A** With Showbiz, Famous Friends & Fashion Drunks, 5 to 9
Cross and Burn, Owned and Operated, No Thought No Spine
Riot In Hell, Who Killed the Cheerleader, My Girl
Anthem of our Dying Day, Wake Up, Until the Day I Die
Porno & Snuff Films, The Devils Takin Names, 100 Resolutions
Sic Transit Gloria, The Boy Who Blocked his own shot, The Quiet Things that Noone Ever Knows
Miss Take, Walk Like a Zombie, Heading for the Disco
Everybodys Girl, Salt Lake City, I Will Deny
Windspitting Punk, 5 Lessons Learned, I got Your Number
Its not the end of the world but i can see it from here, Burn Burn, Rooftops
Deceptacon, Well well well, Im so Excited
You Cant Change Me, Got it all in sight, Working Man Hero
Old School Pig, Libel, Animated Corpse
Teenagers, Im not Ok, Helena
Jerk, Love you More, Orgasm Addict
Marquee Moon, Call Mr Lee, Venus
Shes my Queen, Titty Twister, Shining Star
Teenage Mustache, 23 Lubed up Schizophrenics, Half eaten Sausage
Code Blue, Suburbia, Darker My Love
Everythings Magic, Secret Crowds, Call To Arms
Not good Enough for truth & cliche, The Flood, 10 Miles Wide
Men are from Mars woman are from hell, Bada Bing wit a Pipe, Heroes Get remembered, Legends never die
Slow Motion Riot, Hit You Back, MAD
Be the One, Runaway, California Girl
The Garden, Zombies Ate Her Brain, Halloween
Everything is Alright, This is For Real, My Favourite Accident
Stranglehold, Warhead, Party in Paris
Made in NYC, Ugly Bastard, Under Attack
Here in Your Arms, Baby its a fact, Oh it is love
Heavenhell, Pride, Infiltrate the System
Eight Miles High, Makes No Sense At All, Pink Turns to Blue
We'rewolf, The New Black, Wanderlust
All My Fault, Phoebe Cates, Tearjerker
The Greatest Fall of All Time, My Eyes Burn, Monsters
The Space Between, Inter Fights, Safe To Say
Honestly, The Fortunate, Say Anything
The Undertakers thirst for Revenge is Unquenchable, A Letter from Janelle, Baby you wouldn't last a minute on the creek
No Time, Brain Dead, Rebel Yell
Teenage Kicks, My Perfect Cousin, Here Comes the Summer
Blowin in the Wind, Country Road, I Believe I can Fly
Pretty Girl, Memory, Shes the Blade
My Town, Irish Drinking Song, On a Mission
Possessed to Skate, Institutionalized, You Cant Bring Me Down
Punks not Dead, Never Sell Out, Beat the Bastards
The Great Escape, Hero Heroine, Thunder
Steady as She Goes, Left For Dead, Charlie Brown
Fallen Leaves, Surrender, Red Flag
Whats the Dillio, Jaded, 2000 Miles
Welcome Home, Blood Red Summer, The Crowing
The Impression I Get, Rascal King, Where'd You Go
When your Heart Stops Beating, Lycanthrope, No It Isn't
Live Fast Die Young, I wanna Destroy You, Group Sex

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