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Area of high pressure with light winds and generally quiet weatherOCCYTEINALN
Variably-sized pieces of ice that fall in downdrafts from cumulonimbus cloudsIHAL
Rapidly-rotating funnel-shaped cloud or debris column that must reach the surface and be attached to a parent cumulonimbus cloudDROONAT
The surface deposition of water vapor as minute ice crystalsSROTF
*Mass of water vapor contained in a given volume of airOLSUTABEDYTIMUIH
Amount of water vapor in the airDMUIHYIT
Sound produced by the rapid expansion of air heated by lightningDHRTUEN
The dividing line between two air massesNOTFR
*Amount of cloud in the sky; measured in oktas (from 0-9), with 0 clear, and 9 'sky obscured'CCOOLREVDU
Line joining places with the same barometric pressuresABROIS
Flake-like coagulations of ice crystals that fall from clouds in subzero temperaturesOSWN
Conversion of water from liquid into vapor or moisture in the airAIVENORTPEA
The conversion of water vapor into liquidDSNEOOTCANI
Line connecting places of equal temperatureROISMEHT
*Observed quantity of water vapor in a mass of air over the saturation value at a given temperature (as a percentage)HREALIMUDTIITVEY
Precipation drops between .01 - .02 inches in diameterRZLEIZD
Violent storm resulting from counterclockwise rotation of winds in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphereOYCLENC
Massive electrical discharge released in a thunderstormTGNNIIGHL
Precipation of liquid particles with a diameter larger than .02 inchesIARN
*The temperature at which air becomes saturated by cooling at a constant barometric pressure and absolute humidity DOPEWTIN
Large area of low barometric pressure, a few thousand miles acrossOEEPRDSINS
Measurable rain, snow, sleet, or hailECPTTONIRPAAI
*Most common direction of wind at a given locationIDEVRALIIGPENWN
Deposition of small water droplets on Earth's surface by direct condensation of water vaporEWD

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