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Can you name the Suite Life of Zack and Cody Trivia?

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What does Zack call Maddie when he tries to flirt?
Who plays the drums in Rock Sqaured?
Which of Zack and Cody's friends is dyslexic?
Who is the night-manager at the Tipton?
What does Hayley wear over her head?
What is Jessica's twin sister's name?
What store does Wayne work at?
Which hotel is across the street from the Tipton?
What is Esteban's full name?
Who is the lifeguard obsessed with water?
Other than Zack, who is very good at bowling?
What did London make for Maddie as her secret santa?
What activity did Mr. Moseby's mother make him do as a kid?
What school does Maddie and later London attend?
What floor do Zack and Cody live on?
What instrument does Barbara play?
What instrument does Cody play in the orchestra?
Which baseball team's players were staying at the Tipton?
Who is the maitre d' at the Tipton's restraunt?
What is the Chef's name at the Tipton?
What is the name of London's webshow?
Which Suite is haunted?
What is Mr. Moseby's older brother's name?
Who becomes class president in 8th grade?
What is Esteban's chicken named?
Who is the mean hotel inspector with a beauty mark?

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