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Can you name the words with double a, double b, down to double z?

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DefinitionWord/phraseDouble letters used
Capital of MongoliaAA
Whale fatBB
Contained in cigarettesCC
What the devil gave Johnny when he went down to GeorgiaDD
Comet and Cupid are two of themEE
Contained in some sodas and energy drinks FF
The mascot of Texas A&MGG
Who's guide to the galaxy is it?HH
A circle's diameter is made of two _____.II
These people are found in libraries.KK
The spanish word for 'yellow'LL
Gets rid of all your money on 'Press Your Luck'MM
DefinitionWord/phraseDouble letters used
Cylinder shaped pastaNN
A single from Panic! at the DiscoOO
Burger at Burger King or a malted milk ball candyPP
Small country between Spain and FranceRR
Where T-pain is fromSS
What is hit back and forth in the game of badmintonTT
A Hawaiian dressUU
I _____ my engine so I could look cool.VV
A council or meeting, of Native American originWW
Used as a title for a descendant of the family of MuhammadYY
Played for the Dodgers, Marlins, Mets, Padres and AthleticsZZ

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