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Character DescriptionCharacterCharacter Quotation
Main CharacterNothing amazing happens here. Only the ordinary.
Ex-Girlfriend of Main Character's BrotherIf that thing falls down here, you think we'll still have school tomorrow?
Alien Ex Galactic Space Patrol OfficerYours is the only head that works.
Father of Main CharacterLet's be a normal anime. To be in manga form takes time and a lot of work.
Female Classmate of Main Character, Daughter of the Mayor of MabaseThat hat doesn't look good on you at all.
Commander of the Department of Interstellar ImmigrationI'm not a child anymore. I can buy my own insurance now.
Medical Mechanica Robot
Lieutenant of the Commander of the Department of Interstellar ImmigrationDoes it want to iron out the wrinkles? Like the wrinkles on the brain or something...
Pirate King
Main Character's Brother

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