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what does Lori do to Shanes grave?
Who does the group meet on the road
What does Lori tell Rick
What is the name of the neighborhood the group finds
What does Rick find in the basement of hte house
Who does Carol find doing it
What does the sign say at the entrance of Wiltshire
Who reads the sign
Who gets killed in Wiltshire
How do Rick,Tyreese,Julie,&Chris esape Wiltshire
Who shoots Carl
Who patches up Carl
Who was holding Carls hat for him
Who does Glenn have a crush on
Who does he get with instead
What is the name of Hershels zombie son
What is the number on Andreas shirt
Why doesnt Hershel want Ricks group to practice shooting
Which one of Hershels children die first
What does Dale find
What is the name of v2 of the Walking Dead

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