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Can you name the things to keep in mind (essentials and acronyms) while riding a motorcycle?

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Which material reflects light back to the source and illuminates the rider?
Where do you find the recommended maintenance schedule for your motorcycle?
What acronym represents the rider's pre-start routine?
What's the name of the area of clutch travel where the engine's power begins to transmit to the rear wheel?
What are the first two steps to turning a motorcycle (in their proper order)?
What are the next two steps to turning a motorcycle?
What's the acronym for a mental strategy used to reduce risks and make sound judgments?
When should a rider carry rain gear?
To turn left, press on the left handgrip; to turn right, press on the right handgrip. What is another word for this technique?
The front brake generally provides only what percentage of stopping power?
How far ahead (in seconds) should you chart or scan a path of travel?
What's the minimum amount (in seconds) of following distance you should have?
What are some actions you can take when avoiding hazards?
What's the acronym that stands for good passing technique?
If you can't see another driver in his rearview, which spot are you in?
At night, if your stopping distance exceeds your sight distance, what do we say you're 'overriding'?
Before turning, you should begin your throttle roll before you lean. When you do this, what are you stabilizing?
And what are you maximizing?
What strategy should you use when cornering?
What is the name of the point where your path is closest to the inside of the curve?
In linked turns, you should maintain an outside line until you can see what?
When riders panic, they sometimes crash to the pavement while doing a mistaken maneuver called what?
What causes rear wheel lockup?
What should you always avoid while swerving?
What's another word for losing traction due to water build-up under the tread?
If an animal chases you, what are your three operations--in order?
What type of crash is often the result of releasing the rear brake when a skidding rear tire is not in alignment with the front?
How should you release the clutch when downshifting?
What is the name of the area surrounding you in the traffic flow?
As a street rider, your success and survival depends on consistently asking 'What ___?'

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