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DefinitionWordExample (where specifically applicable)
A shot of a person reacting to something that has been said or done
When a cut is designed to take us back or forward in time within a narrative in order to flesh out a story for dramatic or comedic purposesCharlie's Angels (2000)
Involves a picture fading in or out
When one image is followed by another without any noticeable transitionCharlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003), Features many of these
These involve different images being assembled to build up a sense pf the characters and their relationship with each otherTeam America: World Police (2004), Song
A flashback may well include this shot, where one image 'dissolves' into the other.
When two or more settings are filmed, where action is usually taking place at the same timeOcean's Eleven (2001)
When a number of types of moving image are put togetherJFK (1991), Zapruder footage

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