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Can you define the media studies key terms of cinematography?

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DefinitionWordExample (where specifically applicable)
Captures an image from a distance, used to create a feeling of scope and magnitude, where a human figure may appear smallLawrence of Arabia (1962), Opening
Used at the beginning of a sequence in order to provide context of what we are about to see.News Broadcasts
Can create different effects depending on the angle. Powerful (low), inferior (high) or neutrality (eye level)
A shot between the eyebrow to below the mouth, sometimes closer.Hulk (2003), Transformations
Shows a landscape, object or person and the environment they inhabit. Often used to establish a setting
When a figure is captured almost in full, but where the feet and ankles are cropped in the bottom of the frame
When a figure is filmed from head to waistTaxi Driver (1976), De Niro
When the camera focuses on an object or individual in order to draw attention to it. If an actor is involved, emotional impact can be heightened
When the camera captures what a subject sees

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