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What is Katniss's nickname from the Capitol?
What is the nickname Gale gives to Katniss?
What colour dress does Katniss wear when Peeta first see's her?
What District is Foxface from?
Which District are Bonnie and Twill from?
What is the male tribute from District 1 called in the 74th HG?
Who was the director of The Hunger Games?
What are the name of the wasp mutts?
How many siblings does Peeta have?
Where is The Hunger Games set?
What is the name of the third book in the trilogy?
What is President Coin's first name?
What is the name of the Head Gamemaker in the 74th Hunger Games?
What is the name of the Head Gamemaker in the 75th Hunger Games?
What colour is Katniss's dress at the 74th HG reaping?
How many times was Katniss entered for the 74th HG?
How many times was Gale entered for the 74th HG?
How does Glimmer die?
How many gifts does Peeta get in the 74th HG?
What is the first gift Katniss gets in the 74th HG?
What is the Effie's surname?
Which Hunger Games did Haymitch win?
Who is the President of Panem?
What does Katniss grab for the Cornucopia?
How many children does Katniss and Peeta have?
How many districts does Panem have?
What is the name of of Peacekeeper who whips Gale?
What is the name of Katniss' friend who gave her the Mockingjay Pin?
Who was Haymitch's ally in the 2nd Quarter Quell?
Who wrote the Hunger Games trilogy?
What does District 6 specialize in?
What is Prim's goat called?
What is the name of the butcher in District 12?
What is the name of District 12's black market?
Who is the peacekeeper from 12 who is turned into an avox?
What animal does Gale show up with which results in him getting whipped?
Which District is the girl who Haymitch as to battle with at the end of the Quarter Quell?
Who becomes president of Panem after the Rebellion?
What is the name of the avox who goes to the Capitol with the Star Squad?
What is the name of Plutarch's assistant?

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