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QUIZ: Can you name the Actors of Doctor Who and their Companions?

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First Doctor1963–66
- Susan ForemanSignificant Companion/s of First Doctor
- Barbara Wright
- Ian Chesterton
- Vicki
- Steven Taylor
- Katarina
- Sara Kingdom
- Dodo Chaplet
- Polly
- Ben Jackson
Second Doctor1966–69
- PollySignificant Companion/s of Second Doctor
- Ben Jackson
- Jamie McCrimmon
- Victoria Waterfield
- Zoe Heriot
Third Doctor1970–74
- Liz ShawSignificant Companion/s of Third Doctor
- Jo Grant
- Sarah Jane Smith
Forth Doctor1974–81
- Sarah Jane SmithSignificant Companion/s of Forth Doctor
- Harry Sullivan
- Leela
- K-9
- Romana
- Adric
- Nyssa
- Tegan Jovanka
Fifth Doctor1982–84
- AdricSignificant Companion/s of Fifth Doctor
- Nyssa
- Tegan Jovanka
- Vislor Turlough
- Kamelion
- Peri Brown
Sixth Doctor1984–86
- Peri BrownSignificant Companion/s of Sixth Doctor
- Mel Bush
Seventh Doctor1987–89, 1996
- Mel BushSignificant Companion/s of Seventh Doctor
- Ace
Eigth Doctor1996
- Grace HollowaySignificant Companion/s of Eight Doctor
Ninth Doctor2005
- Rose TylerSignificant Companion/s of Ninth Doctor
- Adam Mitchell
- Captain Jack Harkness
Tenth Doctor2005–10
- Rose TylerSignificant Companion/s of Tenth Doctor
- Mickey Smith
- Donna Noble
- Martha Jones
- Captain Jack Harkness
- Astrid Peth
- Sarah Jane Smith
- Jackson Lake
- Rosita Farisi
- Lady Christina de Souza
- Adelaide Brooke
- Wilfred Mott
Eleventh Doctor2010–13
- Amy PondSignificant Companion/s of Eleventh Doctor
- Rory Williams
- Professor River Song
- Craig Owens
- Clara Oswald
Twelfth Doctor2013-
- Clara OswaldSignificant Companion/s of Twelfth Doctor

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