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Augusta has its cinderella story, as noonan finds his glory
TPS reports never had a cover, watching kung fu with his new lover
He didnt want a center for ants, hansel pulls off underpants
With a 400 drive which is feared, grizzly adams did have a beard
Carlos was so rude at the table, there drugs could have used a label
Delta house kicked out of school, Still make the dean look like a fool
Skipping school was never so fun, who loves his ferrarri more than his sun
Family forgets him on christmas day, A young boy keeps the robbers away
zipper ruined a great prom night, she seems to make all guys fight
Ahsneeze is his fathers name, no man with a bow has better aim
A day which never seems to end, until he gets that girlfriend
Swims out to see the butt, Dad will find him no matter what
A woman anchor seems absurd, but the news need to be heard
They only sell your stuff on ebay, his picture of asia makes him gay
Prom will be where these guys act, so they can accomplish a once made pact
Obnoxious salesman wont go away, travelling with him all day
A man mistaken for a millionaire, needs a rug bowlers dont repair
A shrubbery is all they need, While coconuts make the sounds of their noble steed
Ex pilot whose afraid to fly, is the only one who can get them out the sky
A made up college is begun, where kids learn how to have fun

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