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Can you name the F1 drivers who finished second but never won a race?

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Grand PrixDriverNation
1950 Italian GP (shared with Alberto Ascari))Italy
1952 Swiss GPSwitzerland
1953 Argentine GPItaly
1953 Belgian GPItaly
1954 French GPWest Germany
1955 Monaco GPItaly
1956 Argentine GPFrance
1956 Belgian GPBelgium
1956 French GPItaly
1956 British GP (shared with Peter Collins)Spain
1957 Argentine GPFrench
1958 Dutch GPUnited States
1958 German GPUnited Kingdom
1959 Portuguese GPUnited States
1960 Argentine GPUnited Kingdom
1960 French GPBelgium
1962 Dutch GPUnited Kingdom
1962 French GPSouth Africa
1963 French GPSouth Africa
1966 French GPUnited Kingdom
1966 Italian GPUnited Kingdom
1967 South African GPRhodesia
Grand PrixDriverNation
1968 Monaco GPUnited Kingdom
1968 British GPNew Zealand
1968 Italian GPFrance
1969 Monaco GPUnited Kingdom
1969 United States GPUnited Kingdom
1970 Belgian GPNew Zealand
1970 French GPNew Zealand
1972 Italian GPUnited Kingdom
1982 Detroit GPUnited States
1983 Canadian GPUnited States
1983 German GPItaly
1983 South African GPItaly
1984 Belgian GPUnited Kingdom
1984 British GPUnited Kingdom
1985 Canadian GPSweden
1985 United States GPSweden
1987 Belgian GPSweden
1987 German GPSweden
1988 Portuguese GPItaly
1990 French GPItaly
1990 Japanese GPBrazil
1991 Canadian GPItaly
Grand PrixDriverNation
1992 Italian GPUnited Kingdom
1994 San Marino GPItaly
1994 Monaco GPUnited Kingdom
1999 German GPFinland
2005 Monaco GPGermany
2005 European GPGermany
2006 Hungarian GPSpain
2007 Canadian GPGermany
2008 Australian GPGermany
2008 Canadian GPGermany
2008 British GPGermany
2008 German GPBrazil
2008 Hungarian GPGermany
2008 Belgian GPGermany
2009 Malaysian GPGermany
2009 Singapore GPGermany
2012 Malaysian GPMexico
2012 Canadian GPFrance
2012 Italian GPMexico
2013 United States GPFrance
2014 Australian GPDenmark
2015 Hungarian GPRussia

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