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🐝 Know the basics 🐝
Year in which Manchester was granted city status by letters patent of Queen Victoria 
Historic county to which most of Greater Manchester belongs 
Adjective and demonym pertaining to Manchester 
Insect associated with Manchester, symbolising the industriousness of its inhabitants 
Neighbouring city lying within the Greater Manchester urban area 
Population, to the nearest 100,000, of the Greater Manchester urban area 
📅 History highlights 📅
Roman fort from which the city's name is derived 
Major 18th century development in human history, in which Manchester played a central early role 
Killing of 15 civilians at an open-air meeting demanding better parliamentary representation 
Engineering triumph in which one canal crosses another, without impeding access to the lower by tall ships 
First establishment, in 1851, of what became the University of Manchester 
New Zealand physicist who won the Nobel Prize while at Manchester's Victoria University 
📺 Feast your eyes 📺
England's oldest soap opera 
Painter famous for his matchstick men and urban landscapes 
Comedy series chronicling the (mis)fortunes of the Gallagher family 
Film about Manchester's music scene from the 70's to the 90's 
Red-brick art gallery famous for its modern art collection 
Ground-breaking drama series centred on Manchester's Gay Village 
📖 Read all about it 📖
Author of The Road to Wigan Pier, about working class life in urban south Lancashire between the wars 
Daily newspaper established in Manchester in 1821 
German philosopher influenced by his experience in the 1840s among Manchester's urban poor 
Victorian author, famous for Cranford and Wives and Daughters, lived most of her life in Manchester 
Author most famous for A Clockwork Orange, born and educated in Manchester 
Poet Laureate and professor at Manchester Met 
⚽ Football fanatics ⚽
Most recent team from Manchester to win a Premier League title 
Has spent the most seasons in the top division without winning a title (73) 
Plays at Boundary Park 
Is known as the Hatters 
Tameside team sharing its name with a Scottish football giant 
Formed in opposition to the Glazer family takeover of Manchester United 
🍪 Tantalise your taste-buds 🍪
Dessert of pastry lined with jam, filled with custard, and topped with flaked coconut and a cherry 
Blood sausage particularly associated with a Greater Manchester town 
Soft drink available as squash or carbonated 
Dessert of flaky pastry packed with currants, named for a Greater Manchester town 
Street in Rusholme famous for its concentration of restaurants specialising in South Asian cuisine 
Round mints manufactured in Wigan since 1898 
🎵 Music to your ears 🎵
Symphony orchestra estabished in 1858 and named after its founder and conductor 
Band formed out of Joy Division and most famous for Blue Monday 
One of the UK's top conservatoires, formed by a merger of two existing Manchester music colleges 
Leading band in the Madchester movement, fronted by Ian Brown 
Group of composers including Harrison Birtwistle, Peter Maxwell Davies, and Alexander Goehr 
Key Britpop band originally fronted by the Gallagher brothers 
💷 Open for business 💷
Jewish banking family first established in Manchester in 1798 
19th century nickname of Manchester acknowledging its primary export 
Authors of the eponymous Principles upon which modern co-operatives are run 
Former customs and cargo handling facility, at its height the third busiest in the UK 
Largest independent TV production company in the UK, part of ITV 
Hub of Manchester's Cantonese community - the largest of its kind outside London 
🚉 Transport authority 🚉
River made navigable in the 18th century, linking Manchester and Liverpool 
Manchester's largest and busiest rail station, originally known as London Road 
Waterway opened in 1894 to allow ocean-going vessels to reach Manchester 
The UK's third busiest airport, opened in 1937 
Tram network (re-)established in 1992. The last trolleybus had been withdrawn in 1966 
Orbital motorway completed in 2000, though some sections are much older 
🎭 Let us entertain you 🎭
Concert venue named after a notable Manchester landowner and businessman 
Out-of-town retail and leisure complex, one of the largest of its kind in Europe 
Historic live music venue in Ardwick, generally used for popular music 
Theatre originally known as the Grand Old Lady of Oxford Street 
Greyhound and Speedway racetrack in east Manchester 
Largest indoor arena in the UK, site of a recent tragedy at an Ariana Grande concert 

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