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Can you name the following action film bad-guy fatalities?

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fatalitybad guykilled by
eviscerated via steam-pipeColonel John Matrix
impaled on steel hook and incineratedLieutenant Marion 'Cobra' Cobretti
beheaded by katanaJohn Hatcher
eyes gouged out, back broken, and dropped down elevator shaftJohn Hatcher
neck broken via headlockColonel John Matrix
vehicle impact while suffering the effects of toxic sludgeClarence Boddicker
amputation of both arms and fall from elevator platformDouglas 'Hauser' Quaid
stabbed with katana and impaled on large catherine wheelSergeant Kenner
stabbed through the forehead with corkscrewGino Fellino
dropped from cliff outside Los AngelesColonel John Matrix
knocked from motorcycle and run over by semi during chase'Mad' Max Rockatansky
shot during botched assassination at a Chicago cemetaryMark Kaminsky
blown up after being thrown downstairs with primed grenade down his trousersGabriel Cash
metal spike through neckAlex 'RoboCop' Murphy
fall from helicopter into fiery inferno of train collision after having fingers amputated by sliding doorCasey 'Chief' Ryback
shot through forehead after revocation of diplomatic immunitySergeant Roger Murtaugh
multiple shots from a 44 Magnum following collision between bus and goods trainIvan Danko
cut in half from groin upwardsBenjamin A. Richards
fatalitybad guykilled by
crushed in hydraulic press after being run over, incinerated and blown upSarah Jane Connor
lost at sea when submarine 'Mother Goose' is bombarded by USS MissouriCasey 'Chief' Ryback
impaled on table leg in motelColonel John Matrix
fed through combine harvesterLuc 'GR44' Devereaux
single shot from 44 magnum during hostage situationInspector 'Dirty' Harry Callaghan
asphyxiated by exposure to Martian atmosphereDouglas 'Hauser' Quaid
blown up by answering booby-trapped phonePorter
multiple bullet wounds to torso sustained in shoot-out at Mardi Gras GraveyardChance Boudreaux
garotted with barbed wireBenjamin A. Richards
sawn-off shotgun blast to chest while attempting to run intended victim over with motorcycle'Mad' Max Rockatansky
crushed by falling shipping containerMartin Riggs
multiple gunshots followed by fall from boardroom windowAlex 'RoboCop' Murphy
electrocuted by interaction of costume with sprinkler systemAmber Mendez
throat torn out during hand-to-hand fightDalton
shot and dropped out of a window of Nakatomi TowerJohn McClane
impaled on wrought-iron decorative gate in hotel lobbyJack Cole
simultaneous gunshots to head sustained while in chamber of mirrorsRay Tango & Gabriel Cash
multiple shotgun blasts to torso followed by fall off mansion balconyColonel John Matrix

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