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Fill in the missing words relating to the Pacific Theater of World War II

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
______ BombingsA
______ Death MarchB
Battle of the _____ SeaC
_______ MacArthurD
Dutch ____ IndiesE
____ of SingaporeF
New ______ CampaignG
Emperor ________H
___ JimaI
Imperial ________ NavyJ
Chiang ___-____K
_____ GulfL
B-25 ________ BomberM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Chester ______N
Allied __________ of JapanO
_____ HarborP
H.M.S. _____ ElizabethQ
Franklin D. _________R
____-Japanese WarS
Hideki ____T
____ 731U
__ DayV
____ IslandW
Battle of ______, ChinaX
Isoroku ________Y
Mitsubishi ____ FighterZ

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