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Fill in the missing words relating to the Western Front of the First World War

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
_________ Day, 11/11/1918A
Howitzer, 'Big ______'B
Royal Flying _____C
_______ HaigD
_______ CordialeE
In ________ FieldsF
King ______ VG
Mata ____, German spyH
________ of BelgiumI
Naval Battle of _______J
______ Wilhelm IIK
Sinking of the _________L
First use of _______ gasM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Kitchener's ___ ArmyN
Hundred Days _________O
________ P├ętainP
All _____ on the Western FrontQ
The ___ BaronR
German High ____ FleetS
Mass use of _____ at CambraiT
Tomb of the _______ SoldierU
Siege of ______V
_______ Owen, War PoetW
Plan ____X
Three Battles of _____Y
________ Air RaidsZ

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