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Fill in the missing words relating to the Spanish-American War

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Commodore, later _______, George Dewey wins…A
…decisive naval battle at Manila ___B
_____ War of IndependenceC
Monroe ________D
Effective end of the Spanish ______E
Introduction of the _______ Telephone Excise TaxF
A Message to ______G
Newspaper publisher William Randolph ______H
U.S. captures the Pacific ______ of GuamI
Newspaper publisher ______ PulitzerJ
____-Jørgensen repeating rifleK
American Anti-Imperialist ______L
U.S. President William ________M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Commanding General of the U.S. Army, ______ A. MilesN
______ Manifesto: desire in the U.S. to annex CubaO
__________-American WarP
Regency of _____ Maria ChristinaQ
Puerto ____ CampaignR
Blockade of ________ de CubaS
______ of Paris ends the warT
Sinking of the ___ MaineU
1st U.S. _________ Cavalry, the Rough RidersV
The U.S. emerges as a _____ powerW
Minority of Alfonso ____X
______ fever or journalismY
Republic of _________ founded in the PhilippinesZ

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