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Can you name the movie based on the unhappy ending and year released?

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Movie DescriptionMovieYear
What do you mean there is not enough room in the lifeboats? That water is damned cold and I paid good money to ride on this ship!1997
Six months in deep space at nearly light speed, crash landing, it’s the year 3978. Animals can talk? They blew it up!1968
Lead character sees himself and discovers his own mortality and uselessness. His only therapy is taking to a computer named “Gerty”. At least until his replacement appears.2009
It’s a good thing we’re on an island, otherwise this rage virus could spread all over the world. Aw crap, I forgot about that Chunnel.2007
It took him a whole film to overcome his fear of heights, but when he did all he got was more tragedy when his love ironically falls to her death and it’s partially his fault.1958
Two bit hustlers decide to take a trip to Florida because they like the weather. Only one gets there alive.1969
I thought I was cured but its hard getting over an addiction to gratuitous sex and violence. Not classical music too!1971
We can’t stay in this mall forever. Is that an island? We should be safe there because those creatures can’t swim, right? Oh no!2004
A lone spaceman rebels against American Airlines with 3 drones to save a greenhouse. Good thing they can play poker, because it’s a long trip.1972
World War 4 destroys almost all of humanity. Good thing I have a telepathic dog to talk to. Now all I need is a woman. Not a sperm bank! 1975
Who was that wearing that mask? Babysitting can be a dangerous gig. I guess everyone is entitled to one good scare. Good thing Doctor Loomis brought his gun. Wait, where did he go?1978
A few diet pills will give me that slim figure again. I’m not crazy. Wait, what happened to the rest of my arm?2000
Jesus, I must be crazy to be in a looney bin like this! Hey, let’s go fishing. Hookers and booze will help. Don’t take me upstairs. What are you doing with that scalpel?1975
Don’t fall asleep. Who knows if we’ll wake up? Must tell the authorities. You have to believe me. I’ll burn them all. Gotcha!1978
What a huge hotel! It’s going to be a long winter. I’m not going to hurt you, I’m just going to bash your brains in. How do you get out of this place? Brrrrr!1980
Hey lady, need a ride? What am I doing in this hospital? I can solve the case, Velda. She must be connected with something big. What’s in the box? It’s hot and it glows. Kaboom1955
Nowhere to go, time running out and realizing their looming fate, the last two surviving members of a science expedition commiserate by sharing a bottle of whiskey.1982
In the future, who would have thought that oil would become so precious? Good thing we have a decoy to drive an oil tanker to save us from those masked marauders.1981

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