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Can you name the missing word from each of these Pokédex Pokémon descriptions?

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DescriptionWordPokémon Described
_____ Shape Staryu/Cleffa
Classy _____ Persian
Tiny ______ Pichu
Long _____ Girafarig
_____ Snake Steelix
Sharp _____ Sneasel/Weavile
_____ Rabbit Azumarill
Little _____ Teddiursa
Milk _____ Miltank
_____ Travel Celebi
_____ Fish Mudkip/Marshtomp/Swampert
Tiny _____ Zigzagoon
_____ Skater Surskit
Polka _____ Azurill
DescriptionWordPokémon Described
Spot _____ Spinda
_____ Bird Swablu
_____ Chime Chimecho
Deep _____ Huntail
_____ High Rayquaza
_____ Note Chatot
Fresh _____ Glaceon/Vanillite
Mega _____ PigEmboar
_____ Eater Munna
_____ Bag Trubbish
_____ Arts Mienfoo/Mienshao
Royal _____ Aegislash
Cotton _____ Swirlix
_____ Ring Klefki

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