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deans car
oldest creatures from purgatory
king of the crossroads (eventually king of hell)
castiels vessel
leader of the leviathans
sams fear
the brothers angel friend
what is stuck in the ashtray of their car
demon who killed their parents
why did castiel work with crowley
man who made the colt
oldest brother
what is stuck in the vent of their car
the last seal
demon that betrayed them to free lucifer
deans favorite food
a fallen angel
creature that was hunted in the first episode
deans fear
vampire friend dean meets in purgatory
animal sam is often called, mostly by crowley
where were crowleys cones buried
how dean ends up in hell
what sam was addicted to
who did castiel say was the funniest angel
how season 1 ended
youngest brother
younger brother

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