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Previous criminal steals high tech suit and battles villain with similar suit
Genius millionaire trapped in a cave invents a robotic crimefighting suit
A god is given a magic tool a battles his stepbrother
Wimpy man in WW2 becomes super soldier battling Nazis
Scientist becomes monster when angered, from gama radiation experiment
Teenager is bitten and given powers
Superheroes unite against villain trying to take over the world
AI robot created by superhero becomes evil
Man and group of aliens help save the galexy
Group of mutants works together to defeat villain
In space, a group of 4 peop e are givem powers in an accident
A man sells his soul to the devil and rides a flaming motorcycle
An human sized alien Avian comes to earth and smokes cigars
A prequel to a film explaining the history behind mutant hero group
Remake of film with insect superhero, but with lizard vilain
Phase 3 film of robotic hero against a superhero
Super soldier finds past war buddy and battles a Nazi group
Kid hit by radioactive waste gets powers and fights crime

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