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'Enjoy some tasty, deep-fried gator tail without the bite. Fresh from Louisiana.'
'Hawaiian sushi made with canned pork. Wait—where's the fresh Hawaiian fish?!'
'Long, thin french bread for making long, thin french sandwiches.'
'Sweet pastry layers filed with chopped nuts and sweetened further with honey.'
'You better call dibs on these ribs. They won't last, so act fast.'
'You can never get enouch French pastries. This one is half butter.'
'An inside-out sushi roll with sticky white rice, crab, and cucumber.'
'Fried, cheese-filled tubes of Sicilian-pastry numminess. And you're invited.'
'Juicy chicken bits floating in ambrosial orange sauce.'
Spicy meat stew flavored with garlic and merciless green chilies.'
'Cooler than a hot dog. Doggier than a bowl of chili. Eat up, buttercup.'
'Eat this spicy Spanish sausage alone, or add to queso to make fantastiqueso.'
'Chow down on this dish of deliciously fried noodles. It's the 'mein' course!'
'Fried dough dipped in sugar. The best part of going to a theme park.'
'No sign of your heart there, but we did find a great fish stew in San Francisco.' 'No sign of your heart there, but wez
'Yummy bread made from cornmeal. Gives thanks before stuffing your face.'
'If southern comfort were a food, it would be country-fried steak.'
'The tiniest, cutest, healthiest pasta out there. Toss in some veggies and enjoy.'
'These tasty morsels are all crab -- no filler -- and fried to a golden perfection.'
'If lobsters are too pricey, chow down on the more cost-efficient crustacean.'
'The top is so pretty, it feels wrong to break it. But that won't stop you.'
'A small cake that's made of British. Slab on some butter and nosh away.'
'Meat and cheese in a corn tortilla with mouthwatering sauce on top.'
'Unique food from far-off lands. Savor those exotic flavors!'
'Thisl is far from awful, Chickpeas should always, always be fried.'
'The British call this meal ---. Looks a lot like fish and fries, though...'
'Fortune favors those who spend lots of money at the food mart.'
'Got a frog in your throat? Just swallow to send it to your tummy instead.
'Sinfully good pillow babies stuffed with potato, pesto, and cheese.'
'Feta makes everything bettuh. That's how you know this salad is to die for.'
'Step right up, and get your grub on with a big bowl of Louisiana ---
'----- is only the beginning. Grab some chips or bread, and go to town.'
'Everyone knows the red ones are best! Time to put some jelly in your belly!'
'Cool down with a refreshing glass of this chilled yoghurt drink.'
'New York's take on clam chowder. Red, hot, and delicious.'
'Sliced from a load of ground meat and served with a slathering of gravy.'
'A thick soup from the heart of Italy. The pasta makes it oh-so hearty.'
'These ----- are not from Brussels. They're charmingly chewy.'
' 'Bagel' is New Yorkese for 'breakfast'. Pass the cream cheese!'
'Stir-fried rice noodles with plenty of egg and tofu chunks.'
'This pie is just peachy. Guaranteed to make you all warm and happy.'
'A giant roll stuffed with steak and cheese. Not for the faint of heart.'
'Globs of dough filled with meat and potatoes and then boiled and fried.'
'Savory, slow-cooked pork drenched in barbeque sauce and then sandwichfied.'
'A thick and hearty sandwich with piles of corned beef, cheese, and dressing.'
'Turns out all you need to turn rice into pudding is to add milk and nutmeg.'
'A healthy serving of finely cut and VERY sour pickled cabbage.'
'A cost-effective yet filling pie with a mashed-potato crust and meat filling.'
'Layered herring, eggs, potatoes and beetroot.'
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