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What it MeansIrregular Verb
to take part
to reverse
to go
to justify
to judge
to throw
to tie up
to arrive
to rain
to get up early
to maltreat
to mark
to chew
to memorize
to mention
to lie
to bite
to die
to show
to get
to hear
to ask for
to think
to lose
to perpetuate
to bite
to chat
to be able to
to prefer
to prevail
What it MeansIrregular Verb
to prevent
to come from
to incite
to prick
to break
to want
to relapse
to pick up
to rebuild
to remember
to tell
to refresh
to do again
to avoid
to rub
to know
to take out
to go out
to satisfy
to sit
to support
to plead
to touch
to bring
to swallow
to thunder
to unite
to use
to value

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