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HintMovieYear Released
Comedy about recalling an American bomber1964
Drama about recalling an American bomber1964
Collection of Propoganda films from the 40s, 50s, and 60s1982
Stasi agent monitors an East Berlin writer2006
After World War III, inhabitants of Australia wait for fallout to claim their lives1959
A teenager hacks into NORAD and almost launches a nuclear strike1983
A teenager makes an atomic bomb as a science fair project1986
A group of teenagers use guerilla tactics to fight invading Soviets and Cubans1984
A group of masked vigilantes try to stop World War III2009
HintMovieYear Released
ABC movie featuring World War III as seen from Lawrence, Kansas1983
BBC movie featuring World War III as seen from Sheffield, England 1984
A Russian submarine heads for the US looking to defect1990
A POW is subconsciously brainwashed into becoming an assasin1962
Almost 2 weeks in the Kennedy White House during the Cuban Missile Crisis2000
US Military leaders plot to overthrow the President1964
'Klaatu barada nikto'1951
Sly Stallone kills 76 Soviets in Afghanistan1988
Sly Stallone beats up 1 Soviet in Moscow1985

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