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HintFour Letter Word
What sport this is (with [Last Rung])
How to make a cake
The opposite of give
A tall story
Girlfriend's bad new, 'We need to ____'
Deceive the Runner
Base on Balls
Another Brick in the ____
Document distributing an estate
What flowers do in heat
Mr. Whitman
Germinated cereal grain
Mr. Lauer
Addition, Subtraction, Division, etc...
What Walter White makes...
Won the 1986 Fall Classic
Cats and dogs
Partner of pans
A whole bunch
David Frees' 2006, 11th inning walk off home run in Game 6 lead to a Rangers ____
A young Scottish girl
HintFour Letter Word
Delicious potato chips
This Say Hey Kid played in four World Series
This Tampa team lost their only appearance to the Phillies in 2008
St. Louis NFL squad
From ____ to riches
What we do against the machine
How to get in touch with the on-call doctor
Sickly white
What one might dance on
2008 World Series MVP, Hamels
World's largest fresh fruit and vegetable producer
Cabbage patch kid
Whatt CNN takes as you exit
Opposite of push
DeNiro boxing film, Raging ____
A growth on a tree trunk
Pavel, of Russian hockey fame
George Herman Ruth cursed the Sox until 2004
Past tense of bid
More than one evil
HintFour Letter Word
Places to sleep
Last of five world championships came in 1990
Ole Miss
Winger, Gibson, Messing
Cleans up, perhaps with a paper towel
Marino, Patrick, Quayle
Homes for badgers
1978 World Series MVP, Bucky
Season to prepare for Easter
To give money temporarily
To provide for one's self
Liking something or someone
1961 World Series MVP, Whitey
Golfer's cry
A tiny opening in the skin
To prepare to have one's picture taken
Banned from baseball (also the 1975 World Series MVP)
A part in a play
Stop, drop and ____
A type of weevil
What sport this is (with [First Rung])

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