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Hint5-Letter Word
A sweet one can cause cavities
John Wilkes
Puss wears them
Maxillary molars have three
They can be swapped with kings
Pirate hand replacements
Road rage precursors
Tool sharpeners
Former Steeler wideout, Ward
Wares peddled by trappers
Mosquito calling cards
Invertebrate dust lovers
Trumpet player, Davis
Hint5-Letter Word
Possibly malignant skin growths
Shirts worn by Kuna women
A 3rd one gives wisdom
A white bear
Gondola mover
The Earth's are North and South
Tree trunks
Zeus' weapons of choice
Wrestling accolades
Iron Age European inhabitants
Jangly currency
Places where campers sleep
Neither 9th nor 11th
George Washington's were wooden

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