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Can you fill in the 4-letter words that complete this Alec Baldwin-themed word ladder?

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Hint4 Letter WordRung
• 2017 animated film: The ____ [Rung 34] •1
Non-vascular, spore-bearing land plants2
Eucharistic celebration3
Zorro's eye-wear4
Pennsylvania-based truck manufacturer5
• First name of Donaghy or [Rung 20] •6
• Donaghy, Lemon sitcom: 30 ____ •8
Morty's scientist grandfather11
Strategy board game aimed at world domination12
To get up13
Every one has a thorn14
• 1992 film: Glengarry Glen ____ •15
Belonging to Kanga's son16
To wander18
Hint4 Letter WordRung
Horse with a colorful coat19
• Hunt for Red October protagonist: [Rung 6] ____ •20
Greenish-blue found in printers21
Social unit of the Scottish highlands22
A proposal for accomplishing a directive23
A dramatic stage composition24
An action calculated to frustrate an opponent25
A secret plan to accomplish something26
Coagulated blood27
Nutty old man28
Cowboy's footwear29
A unit of lightning30
Trunk of a tree31
A large bundle of hay32
George Herman Ruth33
• 2017 animated film: The [Rung 1] ____ •34

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