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Can you determine who was President when the following person was third in line?

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Forced Order
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Third in LinePresidentRelevant Year
John Sherman1898
Paul Ryan2015
Nathaniel Macon1827
Robert Bacon1909
Edwin F. Uhl1895
Carl Albert1976
Tip O'Neill1981
Uriah Tracy1800
Joseph William Martin, Jr.1954
Lafayette S. Foster1866
Willie P. Magnum1844
Carl Albert1972
Dennis Hastert2004
John William McCormack1962
William F. Wharton1893
Stephen R. Bradley1803
Thomas F. Bayard, Sr.1881
Henry B. Anthony1872
Philander C. Knox1912
Cordell Hull1941
Samuel Southard1841
James Barbour1819
Third in LinePresidentRelevant Year
Franklin B. Kellogg1929
John William McCormack1966
Newt Gingrich1997
Allen G. Thurman1880
Charles Evans Hughes1923
John Gaillard1810
Benjamin Fitzpatrick1859
David R. Atchison1853
George F. Edmunds1884
Tom Foley1992
Jim Wright1988
William R. King1838
David R. Atchison1848
William Jennings Bryan1914
Sam Rayburn1951
Charles E. Stuart1856
William R. King1851
John Tyler1835
Henry L. Stimson1933
Solomon Foot1863
John Langdon1792

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