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Can you determine the answers in the various Sporcle categories where each response includes the word 'Super'?

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Indoor stadium that is home to the New Orleans SaintsSports
Largest of the North American Great LakesGeography
1981 Rick James hitMusic
2007 Jonah Hill, Michael Cera teen comedyMovies
Seymour Skinner's public school system superiorTelevision
Rhyme Time: Great CopJust For Fun
McDonalds' high calorie value meal upgrade optionMiscellaneous
Day of the week on which multiple U.S. Presidential Primaries take placeHistory
Judy Blume sequel to Tales of a Fourth Grade NothingLiterature
Biggest, Smallest, Nicest, Best, Worst, Most...Language
An extra tooth in addition to the standard 32Science
Extraordinary plumbers who work for NintendoGaming
Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonderwoman, Aquaman, Wendy Harris, Marvin White and Wonder DogEntertainment
Andrew Lloyd Webber show highlighting Judas' struggleReligion
Day of the week on which the NFC and AFC Champions face offHoliday

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