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Can you determine the answer in each Sporcle category that is or contains the name of an element?

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HintElemental AnswerCategory
Nickname of baseball legend Lou Gehrig...Sports
Region of California housing multiple tech companies...Geography
David Guetta song featuring Sia...Music
Subtitle of the 2007 Fantastic Four installment...Movies
Network that airs 'Girls Behaving Badly' and 'The Bad Girls Club'...Television
Crayola color between 'Manatee' and 'Celestial Blue'...Just For Fun
Defunct Ford subsidiary that produced the Cougar and Mariner...Miscellaneous
Type of nuclear weapon first tested in the U.S. in 1952...History
Joseph Kesselring play adapted into a Cary Grant film...Literature
Homonym: (v.) to be in charge of; (n.) a positive advantage in a contest...Language
Method used to determine the age of an object containing organic material...Science
Resource used as fuel in multiple sci-fi games, including Mass Effect...Gaming
Superman's planet of origin...Entertainment
One of the Magi's three gifts, along with frankincense and myrrh...Religion
Object that replaces a Christmas Tree at Festivus...Holiday

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