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Can you determine the answers in the various Sporcle categories that contain the words Christopher or Columbus (or some derivative there of)?

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NHL team that was founded in 1997Sports
Canadian province featuring Victoria and VancouverGeography
The music video for Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Choice features this classically trained dancer/Oscar winnerMusic
This director was nominated for an Oscar in 2011 for his work on The HelpMovies
Actor known for his portrayal of Eric on That 70's ShowTelevision
Mixed Word - a South American country: LIMBOCOAJust For Fun
Ivy League school whose motto is In Thy Light We Shall See LightMiscellaneous
Brother to Christopher and one time governor of HispaniolaHistory
American author of the Inheritance CycleLiterature
The Spanish equivalent of the captain of the Santa María's first name Language
The name of this constellation just south of Canis Major and Lepus translates to mean doveScience
Along with Jill Valentine, one of the main protagonists of the Resident Evil seriesGaming
Mother to Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie (and Rob)Entertainment
Catholic fraternal service organization founded in 1882 by Fr. Michael McGivneyReligion
U.S. federal holiday celebrated in the month of OctoberHoliday

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