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Can you name the guest stars who played themselves on Seinfeld based on other work?

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Noteable WorkGuest StarSeinfeld Spot
Late Show host who did not replace CarsonBumps Jerry after a poor set at a high school
Four time Gold Glove winning Yankee center fielderLearns from George that hitting is simple physics
Won an Oscar for My Cousin VinnyLoves quircky, funny bald guys
Yankees Outfielder from '92 - '95Can't shake hands with the guy who gave George 'the finger'
2000 World Series MVPDoesn't impress George by winning the World Series in six games
The Today Show Fourth HourIs impressed with Kramer's coffee table book about coffee tables
The Velvet FogSings at a benefit 'honoring' Kramer
1979 NL MVPDid not spit on Newman and Kramer
Two time Oscar nominee, multiple Grammy winnerHad the lead in Rochelle, Rochelle
The Today ShowThinks Jerry could become the pirate comedian
Who Wants to Be a MillionaireThinks Kramer is 'bonkos'
Fantastic VoyageDoes not swing her arms when she dances
Four time Oscar nominee, won for Coming HomeBites Kramer
Noteable WorkGuest StarSeinfeld Spot
Current Orioles ManagerAgrees with George that cotton uniforms might be better than polyester
Yankees right fielder from '93 - '01Hits a home run and a triple for a boy in the hospital
L.A. LawGets a 'great' idea for a case from George
Cheers'Considers' George's idea to move the show from the bar
Mustacchioed Fox News contributorCovers the court proceedings in Massachusetts
Current Braves Pitching CoachDid spit on Newman and Kramer
Replaced Carson as Tonight Show hostLearns that Uncle Leo blames everything on anti-semitism
Wonder YearsIs very 'impressed' with Kramer's treatment
Former Mayor of NYCStarts a campaign against 'non-fat' yogurt
Host of Wild KingdomKramer practically raised his kids
Murphy BrownGave Kramer a shot as her secretary
Today Show Weather ManGraces the cover of Frank's TV Guide

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