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PresidentComboNot President
He could not tell a lieAuthor of 'Sleepy Hollow' and 'Rip Van Winkle'
Father of the ConstitutionSan Francisco Giants hurler
Old HickoryAbstract Impressionist Painter
First president to die in officeHan Solo
Target of the first attempted presidential impeachmentBrad Pitt's 'Fight Club' persona
Signed into law the Fugitive Slave LawShe and I are never ever ever getting back together
Signed into law the Kansas-Nebraska ActSecond most recent 007
Civil War General1995 NBA Rookie of the Year from Duke
Took office after Garfield's assassination3 time Grand Slam winner, died of AIDS-related complications
Served non-consecutive termsHad a failed Family Guy spinoff
Dropped two big bombs on JapanAuthored 'In Cold Blood'
Only president never elected to the executive officeHitchhikes with Arthur Dent across the galaxy

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