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QUIZ: Can you name the word that is also part of a country's name?

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________ Dali (Artist)
___ Orleans, Louisiana (City)
John ________ (Supreme Court Justice)
___ Elmo's Fire (Hughes Film)
Manchester ______ (Premiere League FC)
One ________ ('Counting Stars' Band)
__________ Party (Political Donkeys)
Dan ______ (Miami Dolphins' QB)
____bound and Down (Kenny Powers' Show)
Coming to _______ (Eddie Murphy Film)
______ Pig (Animal)
___ Paulo, Brazil (City)
King _______ (Old Testament)
________ Vega (Travolta Role)
Sin ____ (Frank Miller Series)
_____ (Michael Crichton Book)
_______ Processing Unit (Hardware)
Ebony and _____ (McCartney, Wonder Duet)
____ San Lucas (Mexican Resort Town)
________ James (Rapper)

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