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Can you determine the answers in the various Sporcle categories that revolve around mothers?

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Term used to describe a parent who spends lots of time transporting the kids to and from little league gamesSports
Nickname given to Africa, as it is often considered the birthplace of humanityGeorgraphy
1960's folk rock band known for the song California DreamingMusic
1981 film featuring a disdain for wire hangersMovies
Carol Burnett Show spin-off starring Vicki LawrenceTelevision
Follow That Line: 'Do you go out with friends?'Just For Fun
Slogan for General Mills cereal, Kix, that points out that both kids and parents will be happyMiscellaneous
This American explosive has been used in the battle against Afghani insurgentsHistory
Fictional author of multiple classic fairy tales and nursery rhymesLiterature
(n.) a language from which another language is descended, e.g. LatinLanguage
The natural inclination that a mother has to care for her offspringScience
Children's game that requires the participants to ask the matriarch permission to moveGaming
Tony award nominated production featuring the music of ABBAEntertainment
Founder of the Missionairies of Charity who was canonised in 2016Religion
Holiday celebrated annually on the second Sunday in May, in the U.S.Holiday

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