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Can you name the Mardi Gras Krewes that parade in the Greater New Orleans area?

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Maid of OrleansFrench Quarter
Alibaba had forty thieves, New Orleans has Phorty alliterative scholarsUptown
Monet, Debussy or Van Damme (sort of)Slidell
Southern ambassador to France, and the route the parade runsSlidell
Curved part of a boat where the hull meets the vertical portionSlidell
A da Vinci paintingSlidell
_____ Carre; old name for the French QuarterFrench Quarter
Han Solo believes that while he's out, everyone gets these of grandeurFrench Quarter
Alfalfa, Spanky, Buckwheat, etc.Metairie
Greek who killed the MedusaSlidell
City in Ireland or a wine-stopperFrench Quarter
West African Goddess of Love and Sweet WatersUptown
She was in love with Marc AntonyUptown
Greek Goddess of WisdomMetairie
King Arthur's SwordMetairie
Adam's garden-mateMandeville
Dog parade named for the things they walk uponSlidell
Tennessee NFL squadSlidell
Greek God of Beauty and DesireWest Bank
Last Star Trek: TNG movieChalmette
Large lake in Southeast LouisianaUptown
Native American tribe indigenous to the areaUptown
Local street that's an anagram of Ferret (very similar spelling)Uptown
City-state from which the 300 cameUptown
George Bernard Shaw playUptown
Cajun abrreviation for the word petite and the Latin word for KingMarigny
Han Solo's copilot, to CaesarMarigny
Delicious salad or a Roman of some noteMetairie
Capital of WashingtonCovington
Town named for Declaration of Independence signer, Charles CarrollUptown
Excalibur's wielderUptown
Christian Orthodox saint, similar to the Arabic word for GodUptown
Banderas-Romijn movie about a dangerous womanUptown
Greek God of WineSlidell
Boat parade named for the river in Madisonville that it floatsMadisonville
Sound a dog makes, to CaesarFrench Quarter
Celtic PriestsUptown
Greek Goddess of the NightUptown
Ancient city in Mesopotamia or a David Gray songUptown
Ian Malcolm's mathematical field of expertiseUptown
Erato, Melpomene, Terpsichore, etc.Uptown
1980's Tom Hanks TV showFrench Quarter
Greek Messenger of the GodsUptown
French word for StateUptown
Neo's ship commanderUptown
Greek Goddess of the MoonSlidell
Professional officers in the Roman armyMetairie
Acronym for the area's Most Talked Of ClubWest Bank
Greek Rainbow Goddess and a Goo Goo Dolls songUptown
Robin Hood's jolly friar friendUptown
Handsome Greek shepherd, hunter or king who lived on Olympia at ElisMid-City
Egyption Goddess of Healthy, Marriage and WisdomMetairie
Mythological Titan who controlled the waterUptown
Part of a city that is neither Uptown nor Downtown, but right in the centerUptown
Egyptian God of Writing and KnowledgeUptown
Roman God of Agriculture and WineUptown
Mr. Bonaparte or Mr. DynamiteMetairie
Greek God that Homer calls 'Old Man and the Sea'Uptown
Greek who was given a lyre by ApolloUptown
Bantu ethnic group in southern Africa, and 1964 and 2013 filmsUptown
Tyrannosaurus who?Uptown
Large species of deer, or a well-known lodgeUptown
New Orleans geometric nicknameUptown
Community (Gretna) it roles in (if the T and N were a Roman Numeral meaning 50)West Bank
Odysseus' obedient dogMetairie
Again, a deer or well-known lodgeMetairie
Thomas, George or StarshipMetairie
Constellation, or Miss Silvertongue from His Dark MaterialsCovington

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