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Can you name the acquaintances with whom the K-man has associated?

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DescriptionCosmo's Colleague
The friendly neighborhood mailman
Holistic healer who turns George purple
Is given gonorrhea by Kramer
Leaves a golf tee inside of Pinkus
Kramer moved in with him when he was gout-stricken
Wants Kramer to drop dead
Eats horse on a regular basis
Plays Pachinko with Kramer
Gives Kramer poor legal advice about a bra
Works at J&T Optical, was addicted to sugar
DescriptionCosmo's Colleague
Kick's Kramer in the head
Kramer's former roommate that still owes him rent
Gets his thumbs broken by Jerry
Kramer's source for police tape
Frequently mentioned friend who once had rabies
Has been publicly humiliated by Kramer several times
Kramer practically raised this animal lover's kids
Wants Jerry to film Cry, Cry Again
Orthodox Jew who sold Kramer his hot tub
Gets Jerry a deal on some Willards (not Wizards)

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