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Can you fill in the person's name that will complete the movie title?

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Cool Hand ____
____ the Liar
____ vs. the Volcano
Private ____
Good ____ Hunting
Saving Private ____
Me, Myself and ____
____ and the Hendersons
____ Jones's Diary
Becoming ____
My Week with ____
____ Ryan: Shadow Recruit
What About ____
____ of the Jungle
____ and Miri Make a Porno
People vs. ____ Flynt
The Book of ____
Wreck -It, ____
____ Blart: Mall Cop
When Harry Met ____
I am ____
____ in Wonderland
____ Tucker Must Die
____ the Vampire Slayer
Driving Miss ____
Kill ____
Shallow ____
____ Boy
____ and Kumar Go to White Castle
____: The Professional
What's Eating ____ Grape
____ Blue Eyes
____ Pilgrim vs. the World
Monty Python's Life of ____
____ Crowne Affair
The Exorcism of ____ Rose
There's Something About ____
____ Bueller's Day Off
I Now Pronounce You ____ and Larry
____ Powers: International Man of Mystery

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