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This California metropolis is the only city to have three NFL teams relocate to other citiesSports
California is part of this geological ring, where large numbers of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occurGeography
This music festival held in Indio, CA, began in 1999, and featured headlines Beck and Rage Against the MachineMusic
This Connery-Cage film about Alcatraz chronicles a break into a prisonMovies
Patriarch Danny Tanner hosts this morning show for Channel 8 NewsTelevision
State Nickname: The ____ StateJust For Fun
In 2016, these were the most popular boy and girl names for newborn CaliforniansMiscellaneous
Amongst other distinctions, he is only President actually born in CaliforniaHistory
This author of East of Eden and The Pearl hails from Salinas, CALiterature
A suburb of San Diego, this town can be translated into English as 'Beautiful View'Language
These natural asphalt pits have preserved the bones of trapped animals for thousands of yearsScience
California lies primarily within this Risk territoryGaming
This stretch of Hollywood and Vine features stars with famous names on themEntertainment
San Francisco was visited in 1987 by this PopeReligion
This holiday is observed on March 31st, celebrating the life of the founder of the United Farm Workers UnionHoliday

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