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Can you name the award winning actors who guest-starred in Friends?

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AwardGuest StarRole
1960 Best Actor OscarHimself; no matter how much you stink, never use his shower
1993 Outstanding Writing in a Variety Program EmmyTommy; yells at the duck for peeing in his hand
1981 Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy EmmyRoy; an easily-winded male stripper
1984 Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama EmmyRichard Burke; much cooler than Joey and Chandler's dads
1986 Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries EmmySandra Green; married her 'Barry'
1996 Best Actress OscarJessica Lockhart; gets killed off DOOL
1997 Best Supporting Actor OscarCoffeehouse Patron; made a cuckold by his best friend
1998 Outstanding Performance in a Variety Program EmmyCoffeehouse Patron; is sleeping with his best friend's wife
1998 Best Actress OscarJamie Buchanan; mistakes Phoebe for Ursula in Central Perk
2000 Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy EmmyPaul Stevens; Elizabeth's father
2001 Best Actress OscarSusie Moss; also known as Susie Underpants
AwardGuest StarRole
2003 Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy EmmyAmy Green; aspires to a career as baby stylist
2003 Outstanding Voice-Over Performance EmmyDavid; spends a lot of time talking about Minsk
2004 Best Actor OscarEric; has a short-lived engagement to Ursula
2006 Best Actress OscarJill Green; dates Ross to spite Rachel
2006 Best Supporting Actor OscarDr. Michael Mitchell; goes on a date with Rachel, erm Monica
2009 Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy EmmyParker; has the most amazing fight he's ever had with Phoebe
2010 Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy EmmyEllen; tries to sell the neighbor's house to Janice
2012 Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay OscarAirline Passenger; is concerned about the lack of phalanges on the plane
2013 Outstanding Guest Actor in a DramaAnnoyed Waiter; won't let Phoebe keep her table for six on her birthday
2014 Best Picture OscarWill Colbert; cofounder of the 'I-hate-Rachel-Greene' Club
2014 Outstanding Voice-Over PerformanceDr. Baldharar; wonders if Marcel can weild a hammer or a small blade

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