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Can you name the sitcom in which these notable deaths took place?

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Forced Order
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Family's talking pet gets run over by a car
Marshall has to decide whether or not to listen to a final voicemail received after his father's passing
Main character is crushed by a piano, not a train
Hillary's weatherman fiancé dies whilst bungee jumping/proposing
Mirroring real life, main character, husband and father dies of a heart attack
George's fiancée dies licking toxic envelopes
Ned's wife gets knocked out of the grandstand after being shot by several t-shirt cannons
Dr. Drake Ramoray falls down an elevator shaft
Absent Boston bartender is replaced with a dim-witted Woody Harrelson
The Dunphy's elderly neighbor Walt, who befriends Luke, passes on
Family man dies of a heart attack, prompting his wife to write a book
Henry Blake's plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan
Tool Man's wife feels guilty for declining to see her father before he unexpectedly passes
Main character dies in a car accident, just before the show changes names and focuses on Jason Bateman
Youngest of three daughters is devastated when Greek uncle's grandfather dies

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