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DescriptionLouisiana Lagniappe
Reddish-brown base made with flour and butter (keep stirring)
Celery, Peppers and Onions
Cajun sausage that is not cased, but rolled into a ball, battered and deep fried
Creole soup often with okra, the trinity and meat, with a dollop of rice
Called a sub, hero, hoagie, grinder, etc., in other parts of the world
Rice smothered with a crawfish stew
Rice dish with vegetables and meat (sausage, chicken, shrimp, etc.) served to Newman by the Soup Nazi
Eaten on Mondays with rice, beans and the weekends leftover meat
DescriptionLouisiana Lagniappe
Suckling pig sliced thin and served with gravy
White rice that is 'dirtied' when cooked with chicken liver, giblets or ground beef
Corn, the trinity, garlic and tomatoes braised in a pot with bacon grease
Aioli-based sauce that usually takes the place of tartar sauce
Sugar candy made from nuts (pecans or almonds) and syrup, with consistency similar to fudge
Basically a donut in a different shape, covered with powdered sugar
Dessert of bananas and vanilla ice cream that is set ablaze
Mardi Gras baked good that hides a plastic baby Jesus

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