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Born in Hamburg, AR, this Chicago Bull won six titles alongside Michael JordanSports
Legend says the waters of this Arkansas national park possess medicinal propertiesGeography
This winner of American Idol from Jacksonville, AR beat Adam Lambert in Season 8Music
This 1996 Billy Bob Thonton film, set in Arkansas, won the Best Adapted Screenplay OscarMovies
George Costanza is traded to this fictional hen outfit, based in Little Rock, for a fermented chicken drinkTelevision
Since the 2000 US Presidential election, the state of Arkansas has been this colorJust For Fun
This multinational retail giant is headquartered in Bentonville, ARMiscellaneous
This 42nd President of the United States hails from ArkansasHistory
This popular author of multiple legal thrillers was born in Jonesboro, ARLiterature
Arkansas takes its name from a local Native American tribe that also contributed to the name of this other stateLanguage
This prolific fault line runs from southern Missouri into Tennessee and northern ArkansasScience
The state of Arkansas is contained within this Risk TerritoryGaming
This owner of the Dallas Cowboys played college football at the University of ArkansasEntertainment
The largest religious denomination in Arkansas can trace its lineage back to John Smyth in Amsterdam, in 1609Religion
Not a national holiday until 1870, this Christian birthday celebration was made a state holiday in Arkansas in 1838Holiday

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