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Can you determine which of the iconic Carl Weathers' characters is identifiable with the following?

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HintA or C
Adorned in a yellow cardigan-sweater
Spends a lot of time in New England
'You'd better stop this fight! You ain't nothin' but a bum!'
Does not survive a second gator run-in
One-time potential next Arnold Palmer
Does not survive the fourth installment
'Sounds like a damn monster movie'
Helps a boxer train to fight Mr. T
HintA or C
'It's all in the hips'
One-time heavy weight champion of the world
Adorned in American flag shorts
Spends a lot of time in Philadelphia
Loses a hand to a reptile
Helps a hot-head find his happy place
'I'll bet your neighbor the accountant can't drive the ball four hundred yards'
Loses a fight to Ivan Drago

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