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True or False: Donald Trump has never had an alcoholic drink?
The Donald has been married thrice, to Ivana originally and Melania now. What is the name of his second wife?
How many Trump casinos have gone bankrupt?
According to Mr. Trump, how tall is 'The Donald'?
To date, who has brought in more money by fundraising, Jeb Bush or Donald Trump?
How many golf courses does Donald Trump own?
How many bedrooms does 'Trump Palace in Palm Beach contain?
Since August, who is the only candidate to be within 5 national polling points of Donald Trump?
What is the cost of an in-room water bottle at Trump Tower in Chicago?
How many stories tall is Trump Tower in Chicago?
In what year was Trump Vodka discontinued, due to lackluster sales?
Aside from Trump, which candidate has collected the most small donations (less than $200/donation) to date?
Based on their own claims, who was the next wealthiest Republican candidate, behind Trump?
What luxury item did Donald Trump sell in the '90s to pay off a large AMEX bill?
Over/Under 350: The average number of Trump-tweets/month?
For what show did Trump earn his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
Over/Under 15k: The number of apartments owned by Donald Trump at age 27?
What is the smallest currency denomination in Trump: The Board Game?
According to Forbes, what is Trump's estimated net worth?
According to The Donald, what is his estimated net worth?

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