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Can you countdown the days of MLB Christmas?

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12 Sluggers Slugging (55+ Home Runs in a Single Season)
11 Closers Closing (Over 50 Saves in a Single Season)
10 Runners Running (700+ Career Stolen Bases)
9 Fielders Fielding (11+ Gold Glove Awards)
8 Teams Not Winning (Franchises Without a World Series)
7 Switchers Switching (Switch Hitters with 350+ Career Home Runs)
6 Whiffers Whiffing (Struck Out Over 2,000 Times)
5 World Series Skippers (4+ World Series Titles)
4 Hurling Hurlers (Struck Out Over 4,000 Batters)
3 Derby Winners (Winners of Multiple HR Derbys)
2 Prolific Hitters (Over 4,000 Career Hits)
And a Pitcher with 511 Wins...

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