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A hollow cylinder typically used for drinking beverages
Creature of urban legend known for sucking the blood of goats
Generic name for hard candy on a stick
Twilight is full of these suckers
A special type of tube, usually u-shaped, that allows fluid to flow uphill--it often makes a sucking noise, and can be initiated by sucking on the tube.
These invertibrates are often used in a form of bloodletting known as Hirudotherapy
They say nature abhors these, but don't tell Mr. Dyson!
The ultimate of all suckers, they even suck up light
Kitchen tool typically used for sucking up cooking juices to transfer to another cooking vessel
These suckers carry Malaria
These tools are used to suck...um...stuff out of a clogged toilet
A rapidly circulating current of liquid that can potentially suck in boats or ships
A synthetic nipple for infants to suck on
Plastic discs that adhere to solid surfaces, commonly seen holding 'baby on board' signs
If you open one of these in outer space, you will almost certainly get sucked out.

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