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Can you name the differences between the Harry Potter Books and Movies?

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Hintremember, book followed by movie!Trivial musings (some spoilers!)
Answers Hermione's question about the legend of the Chamber of Secrets
Leader of the group of snatchers who ultimately catch Harry and company
Betrays the D.A. to Umbridge
The breed of snake Harry speaks to in Philosopher's (Sorceror's) Stone is from this country
Hid the Half Blood Prince's textbook
Interrupts Harry and Ginny's kiss in the Burrow before the wedding.
Person on whom Umbridge uses Snape's last veritaserum
In Chamber of Secrets, the threatening messages written on the wall are written using what medium?
Gives the cursed necklace to Katie Bell
Discovers Barty Crouch Sr.'s dead body
According to Snape, who or what 'causes devastation with the simplest of spells'?
First person Harry sees die in the series (excluding his mother)
Provided Harry Potter with Gillyweed
Hintremember, book followed by movie!Trivial musings (some spoilers!)
In Deathly Hallows, person who says Voldemort's name, ultimately leading to the capture of Harry, Hermione, and Ron
Along with Harry, Hermione, and Draco, receives detention for Norbert affair
Dies in the Fiendfyre that destroys the Diadem of Ravenclaw
Tells Harry what a Thestral is
Found the Room of Requirement for the D.A.
After the Death Eaters crash Bill and Fleur's wedding, this is where Harry, Hermione, and Ron apparate to
Gryffindor Captain when Ron makes first appearance as Gryffindor Keeper
Immediately before Riddle gets Hagrid expelled, this is the Hogwarts staff member Riddle speaks with about the possibility of Hogwarts closing.
Organized the Triwizard Cup
Discovers Harry on the Hogwarts Express after being attacked by Malfoy
Introduces Harry to Luna Lovegood
When Arthur Weasley first meets Harry, this is the Muggle 'technology' that he asks Harry to explain

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